Click the button to obtain our current price sheet (Note, due to the rapid adjustments of aircraft fuel prices and other expenses we have no control of, prices are subject to change):

For all New Renters and Students

Please contact our Operations Manager, Mr. Jason Rice at (512) 203-7461. Depending on your status, renter or student, he will email you the appropriate newcomers package for you to complete and return.

For any renter carrying passengers, please fill out this Liability Waiver:

For New Students

Before you can start flight training you must obtain a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security approval. For US citizens Black Hound Aviation can process this immediately. However, we must see one of the following original documents:

In addition, you must present at time of TSA security approval a US government issued photo identification. (passport fulfills this requirement)

Non-US citizens may still be afforded flight training but they will have to apply through the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP). Black Hound Aviation is registered with the TSA AFSP and further information can be obtained from the AFSP web site. This process can take several weeks or longer.

Students are expected to read and comply with the guidance established in the Student's Roles and Responsibilities Guide: