Instructors and Staff:

Company President: Martin Fass - Marty is the founder and president of Black Hound Aviation, LLC. He retired in 2007 after a 27 year career as a Navigator and RPA pilot in the USAF. He holds an ATP, MEI, CFI, CFII, and DPE certification and is an FAA Gold Seal Instructor. His military career instilled him with a love of aviation that began with his earning his Navigator Wings, and flying USAF C-130, T-43, and the OC-135 aircraft. Marty transitioned into the USAF's drone program and was a Chief Instructor and Expeditionary Squadron Commander for the RQ-4A Global Hawk. He is a regular presenter and facilitator at the EAA's IMC club at the San Marcos airport.

Operations Manager: Jason Rice - Jason manages aircraft and instructor schedules, conducts administrative access for new students and renters. In addition he ensures aircraft receive timely maintenance and required inspections.

Chief Instructor: Gary White - Gary is a 22 year Vietnam Veteran of the USAF. He rose from the enlisted ranks as a Link Trainer instructor, became a Weather Officer and then worked in the USAF's manned and unmanned space program as a Program Manager and a Mission Director. Gary holds a MSEE degree from the Air Force Institute of Technology and a BS degree in Meteorology from Texas A&M. Gary specializes in working with students pursuing their instrument and flight instructor ratings and certificates. He is the co-facilitator with Marty for the local EAA Instrument Meteorological Club, and coordinates with the flight instructors at Black Hound to ensure the highest quality of training. Gary also interfaces with the San Marcos Airport management team and control tower personnel on safety and other related issues.

Flight Instructor: Mike Duc (Duke) is a retired Air Force Officer who started his career in 1972 as a jump forward air controller in the Air Force. Deciding it was more fun to fly than jump from planes he went to the Air Force Academy Prep school and earned an appointment to the Air Force Academy. He graduated and went on to fly T38’s as an instructor and later the A-10 and just recently retired from Southwest Airlines. He earned a Masters degree in Aero Management from Embry Riddle in 1987 and taught as an adjunct instructor. Mike earned his CFI/CFII/MEI in 1981 and brings over 37 years of aviation experience to Black Hound Aviation.

Flight Instructor: Manuel S. DaSo (Sebastian) is a CFII/A&P and an active duty Air Force flight instructor stationed at Randolph AFB. He enlisted at the age of 18 as an engine mechanic on B-52’s, then A-10’s. Later, he earned his commission and attended Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) where he flew T-6’s and T-1’s. Sebastian has flown the E-3 AWACS and RQ-4 Global Hawk operationally with over 960 combat and combat support hours, as well as Beech 1900’s for Gulfstream International Airlines. He holds an A.A.S. in Aircraft Systems Maintenance Technology from the Community College of the Air Force, an A.S. in Aviation Maintenance Technology and a B.S. in Aeronautical Science, both from Embry-Riddle, where he also worked as an A&P mechanic, and is currently working on a M.A.S. in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle. Sebastian also holds multiple type ratings, including B707, B720, BE400 and MU300.