Training, Rental, and Services Provided:

Flight Training: Black Hound Aviation provides flight training under Federal Aviation Regulation 14 CFR Part 61. Training includes Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, and Flight Instructor. We can provide training in either Black Hound or owner provided aircraft. Our training follows a structured syllabus and provides the student with continual feedback and mentoring.

Aircraft Rental and Services: Our aircraft are available for rental on an 'as-available' basis. We require a proficiency check-out with one of our instructors, rental insurance, and associated documentation. In addition, we provide other aviation related services, e.g., flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, discovery flights, aircraft ferrying, aerial photography, etc.

About Black Hound Aviation:

Martin Fass is the founder and owner of Black Hound Aviation, LLC. He is a retired USAF officer and is an ATP, CFI/CFII/MEI NAFI Master Instructor and FAA Gold Seal flight instructor. In 2018 Martin was selected by the FAA to become a Designated Pilot Examiner. Black Hound Aviation became operational in late 2014.